A Taste Of India

A Taste Of India

If you are a foodie fascinated with gastronomical adventures and exotic places, this tour is for you. Be prepared to try new food and new tastes and be ready to fall in love again. It will be a taste bud introduction to India through Indian food. On this intimate gastronomic journey we’ll savor local delicacies, partake in cooking lessons with renowned chefs, be welcomed into local homes and have lavish meals with royalty as we enter their kitchens for some traditional recipes. All this as we interact with the people who produce and sell the produce whilst on guided tours through markets and bazaars. We focus on in depth visits rather than making it a rushed tour, running from one food stall to the other and then to the airport and all over again just to say we tried it all. The idea is to have a great time. We’re going to slow down and let ourselves relax when we can, have a dinner together, take an afternoon off if we want to.

A journey that starts in Delhi and ends in Mumbai slicing through the heart of India uncovers the soul of an ancient culture, exposing the diversity of its multi layered cuisine influenced by foreign invaders, various religions, an amazing assortment of traditions and modern influences. We kick off in Delhi, the bustling Indian capital where highlights include the UNESCO-listed Qutab Minar, and a rickshaw ride through the bazaars of Old Delhi, as well as some upscale shopping districts. Enjoy a private market visit with street food and a cooking class. Next stop is Amritsar where we can see first-hand rural India and its traditions. Here we will discover some of the traditional cooking styles that are still prevalent today and sample some delicious dishes. Next destination Agra, the Mughal Splendor, to visit the greatest monument to love; the Taj Mahal where one cannot help but be awestruck by this most beautiful structure.

Then on to Jaipur, the “Pink City” and capital of Rajasthan. The finest cuisine in India was derived from the Mughals and, along with European cooking, influenced the royal kitchens of India. But in Rajasthan the common man’s kitchen remains unaltered. Cooking here has its own unique flavor and the simplest ingredients go into preparing most dishes. Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables has had their impact on the cooking in this desert state. Instead of water the women prefer to use milk, buttermilk and clarified butter. Dried lentils and beans from indigenous plants are used liberally. Gram flour is a major ingredient and is used to make delicacies like ‘khata’, ‘ghatta ki sabzi’ and ‘pakodi’. Bajra and corn, the staple grains, are used to make rotis, ‘rabdi’ and ‘kheechdi’; and various chutneys are made from locally available spices like turmeric, coriander. The non-vegetarian dishes include ‘soola’ or barbecued meats, marinated with a local vegetable.

Enter another famous city of Rajasthan with Udaipur : Venice of the East the city combines real beauty with a picturesque association of a great and glorious past. It stands in a valley, amidst green hills on the banks of the wide, steel blue Lake Pichola. The tour concludes with three nights in exciting Mumbai (Bombay), India’s economic capital and the home of the Bollywood film industry. Tour the city’s cultural attractions, bazaars and most interesting neighborhoods, enjoy a private market visit and take a boat ride to the Elephanta Island Caves—inside are extensive Hindu stone sculptures linked to the cult of Shiva.

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